It's Not You, It's Me - Kicking the Coffee Habit

There is so much I love about coffee - the smell, the taste, the way it makes cream so delicious, the clarity of mind, the extra kick - that rarely do I question my addiction to it. 

It has seemingly so few downsides, and those that do present have never been too much of a burden.  But that was then and this is now . . .  and now, I sleep less deeply, feel quite a lot of heat in my body, and it has become time for “Liver Cleanse”.  Notwithstanding that coffee is a stimulant with few benefits beyond enjoyment, it is wise to be realistic and reassess my relationship with coffee from time to time.

My experience working with Wendy Akune at revive wellness mentoring nutrition demonstrated clearly that our clients slept better after kicking the #cuppajoe habit. The times I have managed to abstain, I experienced some nasty detox symptoms like headache and extreme tiredness for two days.

This time, the idea is to be gradual and intentional about it, to enjoy the experience, even if at times it may prove to be uncomfortable. 

My naturopath suggested I switch to green tea as a step-down from coffee. This opened a ton of possibilities and the door of my curious mind opened a crack. 

A few years ago I became interested in learning more about green teas and teas of Asia and spent some time at O5 Rare Tea Bar in Vancouver, learning about brewing and drinking some crazy-amazing teas. And tea experts along the way have been generous with knowledge, like the ever-charming and witty Riadh Falvo of Bumble and Oak (she's also a renowned chocolatier.

For me, coffee requires a sit-down, appreciation of the coffee. While tea is best enjoyed with a sit-down appreciation of the experience. 

Tea invites us to  s l o w   d o w n. 

It’s definitely worth the quest to replace the ritual of coffee with the ritual of tea. I once took a long-weekend silent fasting retreat, off-grid, with a bag of precious Balhyocha Noeul Oolong tea and it was magical.

If you want to beat coffee addiction, it’s a great idea to do it in stages:

  1. Start by reducing the cups of coffee you have per day. 
  2. When you get down to one per day or a half cup, skip every other day and replace with green tea, gradually drinking one cup of green tea during the weekdays and coffee only on the weekends. 
  3. Check in to see how that feels and then gradually reduce the green tea, just as you did the coffee. 

Maybe you will find less caffeine is better and get off of the tea completely. That’s up to you (and maybe your adrenals) to decide!

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I rate kicking the coffee habit 7 out of 12 lotus petals:

Points against: 1. headaches, 2. tiredness, 3. miss the taste, 4. change in morning routine 5. inconvenience

Kicking Coffee - It’s highly personal, but might be worth a try. #kickthecoffeehabit #coffeeaddict #tryteainstead #ifoundsomeonenew