Transcendence on a Table

The Kundalini Massage at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler

This bliss-out 75 minute signature massage offering at the award-winning, sustainable-certified The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge took me way out of my body and back again. An ode to the senses, this treatment is skillfully designed to sooth the senses with carefully selected music, essential oils, touch methodologies and intention. In essence, the Kundalini massage uses an array of complimentary holistic tools and techniques to restore one’s central nervous system and make everything seem right in the world.

I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical about the idea of a ‘Kundalini’ massage at a spa that does not have its sole focus on yoga or Ayurveda. It turns out that the company/product line, ila, brought trainers over from the UK and trained the Spa practitioners on the product line and its use of powerful essential oils, lymphatic drainage, the use of marma points (the Ayurvedic version of pressure points), and the 7-chakra system, all beautifully choreographed to gentle mantra music. The result is an out-of-this-world treatment that leaves you feeling soothed, nurtured, and very, very relaxed.

The use of the word ‘Kundalini’ still has me a little perplexed because I associate this powerful energy with a very non-relaxing, more high-energy kind of vibe. This massage is all about relaxation, calmness and balance.

The treatment begins as you enter the dimly lit room to the sound of Indian ragas; it smells wonderful and the massage table is warm. The therapist begins with a foot scrub and bliss ensues as the combination of lymphatic drainage, marma activation and chakra ‘balancing’ works to coax the parasympathetic system, lulling you into that waking dream-state that savasana offers at the end of a great yoga class.

And the smells!! These oils are beyond the beyond, melding rose, lemongrass, cardamom, sandalwood and jasmine. I seriously did not want to shower it off.... Luckily the face oil (did I mention you get a mini-facial to restore your face after being face-down for an hour?), body oil and other ila products are available for purchase, but sadly, not the actual massage oil which has one of my favourite combinations of rose, jasmine and cardamom.

This massage is perfect for stressed-out, oversubscribed folks, for people suffering from adrenal fatigue, and its nurturing sweet quality would also offer a beautiful healing for those with a broken heart, or emotional trauma.

This yogini can’t say enough good things about this treatment! The next time you need some nurturing, you need a Kundalini Massage at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge. Yes. You do. 

A huge thanks to Blythe - your loving touch was magic!